Rich industry experience to help you make the most suitable payment solution

Financial Platform

Real-time payment collection, efficient and flexible.

365 days of uninterrupted settlement to ensure the efficient operation of funds.

Keep abreast of the funds and analyze the funds in multiple dimensions.

Real-time monitoring of transactions, timely detection of abnormalities in order to reduce transaction risks.

Cover all payment methods to meet the different payment needs of different people.

Integrate Paylabs' Direct Call Billing that support mainstream operators to provide more payment options.

Quick response let your happy game time never stop!

Use HTML Payment to quickly access, and thenew gameplay comes online faster!

Paylabs provides bank transfer (virtual account), credit card, debit card, E-wallet,convenience store, direct call billing, cardless credit.

Support various payment options.

Paylabs provides clear transaction inquiries and reconciliations to reduce corporate financial workload.

Paylabs guarantees fast settlement, flexible cash withdrawal and fund security.


Cover multiple payment methods to reduce the company's collection costs.

Use H5 integration mode to quickly adapt to multiple ends, saving development costs.

Flexible cooperation with operational activities to simplify payment operations.